How Far North Will This Storm Go?

The trend since Sunday has Alex tracking more north toward the Texas coastline.  Notice how most of the models are moving the storm into Texas.  With warm Gulf waters and low wind shear, Alex should become a category 2 or 3 hurricane by Wednesday making land Thursday.  Because of its compact size and track, oil recovery should not be interrupted.  However, because of the counterclockwise flow around a hurricane, we will see increased seas moving more oil toward the coastline.  Not good news. 

The closer Alex gets to us in southeast Texas, the more seas will increase along the coast. I’ll have more on this tomorrow.  A Texas landfall should bring  periods of heavy rain to us Wednesday and Thursday.  I’ve seen storms like this hit Brownsville and cause flooding in Houston because of the outer rain bands.  I hope everyone reading this has a plan and is prepared no matter what happens.  Please keep coming back to the blog and watch me in the morning and Frank in the afternoon for the latest developments. 


2 Responses

  1. Can you tell me what the Garner State Park area might expect from Alex. We have a July 2nd commute planned from Houston.

  2. I still can almost feel the house shaking when Ike went through our area and I remember very well all the damage it left in it’s path. Also I can remember very well how many people were laughing and saying Ike will never come to Houston. Now all those people know it better.
    We are prepared, no matter if for Alex or whatever storm coming toward us and no matter if it is predicted to go into Mexico or South Texas. Everyone should be well aware of the path of a storm can change and not even the best computer model is able to provide you with information that could make you feel 100% safe.

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