Cloud Streets


Howard Stout took this picture at his home in Santa Fe. 

Here is another view of cloud streets from space. 

When the low-level air begins to rise, clouds can form.  Some days there is a layer of stable air above, and that limits the vertical extent of the convection.  If the wind is fairly uniform the clouds can form “streets”.  You’ll get parallel lines of clouds alternating with the clear skies.  These gaps are caused by the rising/sinking air produced by the rotating horizontal cylinders in the atmosphere. 

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One Response

  1. OK I’ll give it to you this time. Online I can see the blue sky, BUT on TV you cannot see any blue sky which made thje picture appear to be cloud waves. In the future when you use a picture in a question could you check how it looks on a tv screen to see if it looks like it should. I’ve got a 50″ plasma and even in pause could not see any blue sky in the picture it looked like a totally cloud filled sky.

    Thanks Greg

    PS I get my weather from you NOT the weather channel. They didn’t even start coverage of tornado warnings in Texas until about 6pm and then kept saying that they were watches when The NWS had issued Warnings.

    Keep up the good work all you weathermen at ch 2

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