Storm Shots!
July 27, 2010


Photo by: Owen Conflenti, Houston

It took Owen two years to get a good lightning shot, but it was worth the wait.  An excellent phot by our morning anchor.

Photo by: Stephanie & Patrick Kennedy, Katy

Strong thunderstorms that brought hail and heavy rain fell on parts of southeast Texas Sunday evening.  The Kennedy’s acted quickly to protect their car from the hail falling by finding two trees to hide under. (This was their home.)

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Weather Myth – Lightning & Tires
July 21, 2009


I was just watching the national news and the reporter said the reason the people weren’t hurt when their car was struck by lightning was because of the rubber tires.  You would need one mile thick tires to protect you from a lightning strike.  The reason a car is a safe place to be during a thunderstorm is because the metal in the car act as a faraday cage.  Like electricity, lightning will travel only on the outside surface of enclosed metal objects.  The lightning will hit the car but the charge will stay outside, it will not go inside the car.  The exception is a convertible.  The safest place to be during a storm is indoors.     

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