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Squirrel Watch 2013
May 31, 2013


Danny Adaway who sent in this picture says, “This Squirrel has no table manners. Who is allowed to put their feet on the table while eating?”

To see all of the squirrel watch pictures we aired on TV, click here:

Squirrel Watch 2013


Squirrel Watch Caption Contest!
May 30, 2013

Congratulations to Trish Ruff-Cunningham, the winner of our Squirrel Watch 2013 Caption Contest.  Cirque du Squirrelloeil won by a big margin.


Did you see this?
May 29, 2013


Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all visible on the horizon — These planets won’t be this close again until the year 2026.
Picture by Nick Strawn, Katy

Forecasting beyond 7-Days
May 24, 2013


I get questions like these quite often:

“What are the predictions for June 6th through 10th for Houston/Dallas?  Is there a website for future predictions?” – Julia

“I was wondering what the weather will be like for next weekend before the Memorial Holiday? I’m taking a road trip to Abilene, Texas, and I’ll be driving through Dallas, and was wondering what the weather will be like when driving through Dallas.” – Rachel

“My husband and I are celebrating our 1st anniversary over Memorial Day weekend and have a trip to Cancun booked. I checked the weather today and looks like it is going to be storming EVERY day that we are there. I am kind of freaking out and trying to decide what to do.” – Leslie

The question is: How do I make plans for a forecast beyond seven days? There isn’t a comforting answer.

Weather models are pretty good three to five days out. However, there is a drastic drop in accuracy once you go beyond six days. All of these questions are asking for a forecast 9 to 20 days away, and a lot can change with the weather in that time.

Low pressure disturbances that create rain usually only show up on the weather models 12 hours to three days out. Cold fronts, especially for southeast Texas, can stall north of us or even on top of us, and that will completely change a forecast two to three days out. This explains why our seven-day forecast will change for the weekend Monday through Thursday of the same week. I could keep giving examples, but the point is: The weather is constantly in motion and always changing.

Studies have been done on long-range forecasting past seven days and found no skill in prediction. In fact, climatology, or the seasonal average, will beat a computer-generated long-range forecast.

AccuWeather is marketing a 25-day forecast. I would love a middle school school student to do their science fair project comparing the forecast to what actually happens.

Coldest Start Ever to the Month of May
May 6, 2013

Last year at this time we already had three 90 degree days in the month of May.  This year we’ve broken three low temperature records.  For the first five days of the month we are 9 degrees below normal which ties us with 1889 for the coldest start to the month of May.  Records started being kept in Houston that year, Incredible!

Click image or link to watch Monday’s Webcast:

Monday’s Webcast

Record Setting Cold Front Moving in Today
May 2, 2013


We are in for a wide ride with our weather.  A cold front will move through the city of Houston around noon.  It will probably bring a thin line of rain but I wouldn’t expect much precipitation with this front.  It will bring a lot of wind and much cooler temperatures this afternoon.  A wind advisory goes into effect at 1pm and last through 10pm tonight.  Expect winds 20 to 30mph with gusts as high at 40mph especially along the coast.  Once the front moves through we’ll see temperatures drop into the 60s and the thick clouds will stay with us all day long.

This will also be a record setting front when it comes to our morning low temperatures.  Friday between 6:00 and 7:00am temperatures will drop into the 30s and 40s.  Here are the records for Houston, Galveston and College Station with my forecasted temperatures.


Houston record from 1978 is 47 degrees I’m forecasting 46

Galveston 54 degrees from 1856 – forecast 49

College Station 45 degrees from 1954 – forecast 39



Houston all time record low for the month of May is 44 degrees set in 1978, I’m forecasting 42 early Saturday morning.

Galveston 52 degrees from 1954 – forecast 54

College Station 42 degrees from 1954 – forecast 41


Click link to watch Thursday’s Webcast:

Thursday’s Webcast