Storm Shots! Tuesday’s Tornadoes

      Click image to view a slideshow of other damage from Tuesday’s storms. 

The National Weather Service has completed their surveys of Tuesday’s damage.  The Kingwood tornado has been classified as an EF1 (86-110 mph winds).  Here is what it found.

“A National Weather Service storm survey has determined that Tuesday’s storm produced an EF-1 tornado in Kingwood located in far northeastern Harris County. The approximate track length of this tornado was one mile and its maximum path width was estimated to be 150 yards. The time of the tornado was approximately 1:37 pm.

“This system produced widespread damage: numerous trees snapped or uprooted … four garage doors blown in … and window and roof damage to numerous homes. Most of the damage occurred along Hidden Lakes Drive. The starting point of the track looks to be near the intersection of Willow Terrace Drive and Hidden Lakes Drive.

“A second storm survey was done just north of Texas City at the ISP plant where minor damage occurred around 6 pm. It was estimated an EF-0 tornado did minor damage in the plant with the main damage being 10 empty trailers that were flipped over by the weak tornado. The length of the path was 1/2 mile long and 25 yards wide.”

This picture was taken by Cierra Grace in Crosby, not a tornado but straight line wind damage.

You are always welcome to send your storms shots to:


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