Hurricane Names

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Names are repeated every six years unless it gets retired.  A storm’s name will not be reused if it causes significant damage or a significant amount of deaths and reusing the name would be insensitive to the area affected by the storm.  This year’s names were last used in the record-setting hurricane season of 2005.  The names retired that year were:


Dear Anthony,
I have a question about hurricane names.  I know that there was a hurricane in July 2005 named Emily that hit S. Texas.  My daughter is named after it.  We lived in Florida at the time and we were going to name her Elizabeth but when we heard that there was a storm named Emily, we changed her name.  We had just suffered through Hurricane Dennis in Panama City, Florida.  Is there a rule about reusing hurricane names?
Stephanie Sapp
Conroe, TX

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  1. Anthony,

    I figure that it will finally start raining in Houston when the Astros start winning.

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