Squirrel Watch 2011


Photo by: Donna Herion, Spring

Caption contest!  Person who describes this picture the best wins a Local 2 shirt.   

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Squirrel Watch 2011


11 Responses

  1. Hey, this is neat fun! . . .
    at least ’til someone finds the lid!

  2. My caption would be ” This housing situation is getting critical !”

    Rich Kuebler

  3. “Does this jar make my butt look big?”

  4. There’s a Nut in every family & I didn’t far from the tree!

  5. I was going to say, “Does this make me look fat?”, but, Liz beat me to that type of comment. Let’s try, “I’m hiding. No one can see me now!” or “To be so cool, this sure is hot!”

  6. “Peanut Butter Squirrel”

  7. “Trying to have a private moment, do you mind!”

  8. Owen did not like the chunky Squirrel Butter that Anthony brought in..

  9. A brain so small, he couldn’t eat his way out of a jar.

  10. “It’s mine!! All mine!!”

  11. “I knew there was a housing bubble but this is ridiculous!”

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