Uncharted Territory – Our Drought


The honest answer is we don’t know how long the drought is going to last. If we get a slow-moving tropical storm that brings more than 15 inches of rain, it would end this summer. That is unlikely. It could also last 10 years.  There have been two decade-long droughts in Texas the past 100 years.  No one really knows when the drought will end. It’s a lot of speculation.  I can tell you this: Since Hurricane Ike, we’ve been below average with rain. We’ve been in at least a minor drought since 2009, but it started getting really bad in October of 2010 and the last four months have been awful.  To get out of the drought, we’ll need an extended wet pattern that lasts several months, and that won’t happen this summer.  We are in uncharted territory with this drought. I go into the details on this webcast.  Click the image above to watch the webcast, or click here:




3 Responses

  1. it will rain June 17th

  2. Not this week… 🙂 20% on Sunday and Monday

  3. i am traveling back home tomorrow, from west texas…..will i see rain, i hope not!!!!!

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