105 Degrees!!!

We reached 105 degrees in Houston Sunday! That alone is incredible but did you know it is the hottest June temperature ever recorded. The previous mark was set June 24th and 26th 2009 when the high made it to 104. It was also the earliest date we’ve ever been that hot. July 26, 1954 was the previous 105 mark. Temperatures in the city of Houston date back to 1891. Before yesterday there have been only 15 days in which the temperature has reached or exceeded 105 degrees.                               

  • 4 – 1909
  • 1 – 1954
  • 2 – 1962
  • 3 – 1980
  • 5 – 2000

The entire month has been hot!  In fact, we’ve set a record four out of five days with another record high expected to be set today.  Today’s record is 98 set in 1980 and I’ve got 103 forecasted.


2 Responses

  1. This is ridicules weather. It’s like being back in Albuquerque but with more humidity!!If it’s this hot in June what will August bring?

    • Hi Pam,
      I’ll get your summer forecast later this week but if we don’t get any rain our temperatures will be brutal this summer.

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