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4th of July & Blue Bell
June 30, 2011

What does Independence Day mean to you?  Blue Bell Ice Cream is again offering 26 free half-gallons of ice cream to use as you’d like.  Great for that Fourth of July party you have planned.  Simply tell me what Independence Day means to you and you could be the winner.  Respond here or send me an email at  It’s just that easy. 


How Much Rain Is Falling?
June 22, 2011

The streak is over!  Prior to Wednesday morning, Houston went 148 days without a soaking rain (soaking being defined as more than 1/2 inch of rain.) Click the image below to get rain totals around the Houston area.

If you live outside of Harris County, click this link to see how much rain is falling:

Baytown Rain

It’s Not Just The Heat, It’s The Humidity
June 16, 2011

We are on pace to have the hottest June ever in Houston.  We’ve set six record highs this month and four of those days have been at or above 100 degrees.

But today the humidity goes up, and that will cause problems as we enter the weekend.  Click image to view Thursday’s webcast.

Uncharted Territory – Our Drought
June 14, 2011


The honest answer is we don’t know how long the drought is going to last. If we get a slow-moving tropical storm that brings more than 15 inches of rain, it would end this summer. That is unlikely. It could also last 10 years.  There have been two decade-long droughts in Texas the past 100 years.  No one really knows when the drought will end. It’s a lot of speculation.  I can tell you this: Since Hurricane Ike, we’ve been below average with rain. We’ve been in at least a minor drought since 2009, but it started getting really bad in October of 2010 and the last four months have been awful.  To get out of the drought, we’ll need an extended wet pattern that lasts several months, and that won’t happen this summer.  We are in uncharted territory with this drought. I go into the details on this webcast.  Click the image above to watch the webcast, or click here:


Your Summer 2011 Forecast
June 10, 2011

I answer Wayne’s question on this webcast.  Click image to view your summer forecast.

Heat and Drought Records
June 9, 2011

Click image to view Thursday’s webcast.

Allison Ten Years Later
June 6, 2011

About 73,000 homes were flooded with property damage at $5 billion.  Allison was the only tropical storm ever to have its name retired.  Sixty-five percent of the homes flooded during Allison were not in a mapped 100-year flood plain.  This is exactly why flood insurance is vitally important. 

Check out house A.  It’s in a 500-year flood plain and has .02 percent chance of flooding this year.  But if you own that home 30 years, it has a 6 percent chance of flooding. That’s not very high, but when you get a storm like Allison you find yourself with that “once in a 500-year flood event.”  If you are out of the 100-year flood plain, flood insurance is relatively inexpensive. 

To view past weather quiz answers click here:

Past Weather Quiz Answers

105 Degrees!!!
June 6, 2011

We reached 105 degrees in Houston Sunday! That alone is incredible but did you know it is the hottest June temperature ever recorded. The previous mark was set June 24th and 26th 2009 when the high made it to 104. It was also the earliest date we’ve ever been that hot. July 26, 1954 was the previous 105 mark. Temperatures in the city of Houston date back to 1891. Before yesterday there have been only 15 days in which the temperature has reached or exceeded 105 degrees.                               

  • 4 – 1909
  • 1 – 1954
  • 2 – 1962
  • 3 – 1980
  • 5 – 2000

The entire month has been hot!  In fact, we’ve set a record four out of five days with another record high expected to be set today.  Today’s record is 98 set in 1980 and I’ve got 103 forecasted.