Turn Around Don’t Drown

The Texas Floodplain Management Association came out with a “Turn Around Don’t Drown!” 2011 calendar.  The artwork is by elementary and middle school students from across Texas.  The pictures show the imagination of kids and the danger we face in SE Texas.   Each month features good driving and flooding tips.  If you want one The Texas Floodplain Management Office has them.  Go to: http://www.tfma.org/ for more information.


13 Responses

  1. Ooh! That calendar is so cute! I’d like a chance to receive one please.

  2. I want one!!!!

  3. I would love a calendar. I would like to put it in my science lab at my elementary school. It would be great for the kids to see other’s artwork and the tips they could share with their families. If there are no more available, where could I get one?
    Thanks Anthony! Debbie

  4. Ooh! That calendar is so cute! I’d like a chance to receive one please.

    Had to repost put the wrong email in.

  5. I would like to receive one of these cool calendars!

  6. I would like a free calendar! My address is 5007 Woodland Meadows Lane, Humble,Tx., 77346.

    • Take your address off woman!! Be careful posting that kinda stuff for all to see.

  7. Anthony, I’d love to have one of those calendars. I watch you every morning and really enjoy your weather forcasts.

  8. Love the calendar! Would like to have one.

  9. plz put my name in the hat for a calendar!

  10. Great calendar – would appreciate & love to receive one. We start our day with you each morning. Thank you for doing a great job!

  11. Anthony , I would like to recieve one of the four adorable calendars. My husband and I wake up @ 4:30 to watch you and Owen , What a great way to start the day !!!!

  12. I would love one.

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