Our Winter Forecast & Quiz Archive #3


It does not look like a repeat of last seasons winter where temperatures were extremely cold and it snowed twice in one season.  A strong La Nina pattern has set up and and translates into a warmer and drier than average winter.  This will likely exacerbate drought and wildfire conditions lasting into the spring of 2011.  During a La Nina winter, the southern jet stream moves northward, channeling more storms and cold snaps into the northern half of the country.    


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2 Responses

  1. Anthony can these Dropsondes be recovered and reused or are they a total loss once they are dropped? If a citizen comes across one of these washed up on the beach can it be returned to the National Weather Service?

    • Hi Gary,
      They are self addressed and postage paid but don’t get too many back since they are all dropped over water.

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