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Hotshots – Archive 2010
November 19, 2010

Photo by : Kevin Guidry, Trinity Bay

A beautiful sunset on Trinity Bay while fishing with my 9 year old son Joshua, and my father.

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A Unprcedented Hurricane Season
November 8, 2010


As busy as this hurricane season has been with 12 hurricanes, the United States did not get one hit. That is unprecedented.  Since 1900, there has not been a hurricane season with 10 or more hurricanes without one striking the U.S.  This season two hurricanes struck Canada, there were two landfalls in Belize and one in Mexico, but not one in the United States.

 The weather patterns were favorable for us this year.  The Bermuda high was located further east than usual, low pressure over the East Coast steered storms away from the U.S and high pressure near Texas kept Alex in Mexico and other storms well south of the United States.


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Our Winter Forecast & Quiz Archive #3
November 2, 2010


It does not look like a repeat of last seasons winter where temperatures were extremely cold and it snowed twice in one season.  A strong La Nina pattern has set up and and translates into a warmer and drier than average winter.  This will likely exacerbate drought and wildfire conditions lasting into the spring of 2011.  During a La Nina winter, the southern jet stream moves northward, channeling more storms and cold snaps into the northern half of the country.    


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