Mars As Big As the Moon

I watch you guys in the morning all the time and have heard you comment on things like the planets before. Could you tell me if Mars will really big as big as the moon August 27th?

There is an e-mail that goes around every year at this time claiming that the planet Mars will be as big as the moon on the 27th.  This is a hoax, but as most untruths go, it is based on some facts.

Mars did make a close approach on Aug. 27, 2003 when it came within 35 million miles of Earth.  It was the closest approach in 60,000 years.  On that date, Mars was 85 times brighter in the sky and appeared 6 times larger, but it only looked as big as the moon when VIEWED THROUGH A TELESCOPE.

To read the e-mail and a full explanation of this falsehood click the image, or click here:

Mars as big as the Moon


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