Heat Aware


Heat Aware is a local company that helps businesses deal with heat related illness.  Many industries have employees that work outdoors for hours upon hours in our relentless Houston heat.  Workers keep it in a pocket away from the sun and monitor the temperature.

If you are out at the beach or playing in the hot afternoon sun the card shows how hot it is and lists ideas to keep you and your family safe.

You can get more info by clicking the card.


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  1. I would like one please.

  2. I’d like one please.

  3. I would like a card please! Thanks!

  4. I’d like one, please.

  5. I would like one please.

  6. I would like one please. Thanks!!

  7. I would like one! I posted on fb too just in case.

  8. I’d like one too!

  9. I would like one please

  10. Can I have one !!!!!!

  11. I would Like one!!!!!!

  12. I would like one please.

  13. I’d love to have one as well. Thank you.

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