Hole-Punch Clouds


If jet aircraft climb or descend under certain atmospheric conditions, they can inadvertently “seed” mid-level clouds.  Through this process aircraft leave behind holes or channels in the clouds.  The key is water droplets in the clouds have to be below five degrees Fahrenheit.  As air is cooled behind aircraft the water droplets freeze and drop toward earth creating what are known as hole-punch or canal clouds.  To read the complete article click here:

Hole Punch Clouds

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2 Responses

  1. I have always been a big fan of the weather and enjoy watching all of the meterologist on KPRC you guys are informative yet fun! Every morning for the last few months I have participated in Anthony’s Weather Quiz and I’m right 80% of the time however I cant enter the game because my cellular provider doesnt participate so when are you guys going to make it so that people can email their answers in? Have a great day and keep reporting the weather the way you guys have!

  2. For other terms to use instead of 100-500 year flood why not just use the sttistical certanties?
    99% means that 99% of floods will cover an area, 95% means 95% of floods will cover and area and so on. Personally, I think that is clearer than the 100 year term. Plus it is easier to explain that it is a statistic, gamblers will get it 😉

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