Ocean Currents Bringing Oil to SE Texas

So far, hurricane season has not been kind to southeast Texas when it comes to oil.  I’ve put together a webcast so you can see how ocean currents are driving the oil toward us. I often hear people say that the winds are moving the oil. This isn’t true. From day one, ocean currents have been steering the oil toward the Louisiana coast, Florida and the loop current. Hurricane Alex brought in strong seas that were moving from the southeast toward the northwest.  The seas over the oil rose 4 to 6 feet and the oil that was just beneath the surface was steered west for the first time. Tropical Depression No. 2 did the same thing. The strong easterly seas will go down starting tonight, but we are seeing the effects tropical systems have on ocean currents. I’ve said this from day one: The key is getting the oil stopped or it will keep showing up in different cities all along the Gulf Coast.   

Click the image to view why we are finding oil in Galveston.


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