Bonnie Is Next

While many of us took the weekend off to enjoy family and celebrate our country’s independence, the tropics kept brewing.  An area of thunderstorms is moving into the Gulf of Mexico and the early models have this in Texas Wednesday.  Almost all of the models have this becoming Tropical Storm Bonnie, but, because there isn’t a center of circulation, we shouldn’t put too much stock in where the future track is or how strong it will get.  Right now this doesn’t look like will intensify the way Alex did last week.  It is a large mass of rain with different low pressure areas trying to form at the same time — one at the surface and another in the upper levels of the atmosphere.  This system may run out of time organizing itself.  This is good because it will have a hard time becoming a hurricane.  Unless this takes a drastic turn to the right, I think we should at least expect a rainy and cloudy middle of the week with coastal flooding possible (maybe more.)  Keep up with the weather this week — a lot can change in a short amount of time.  For more details watch my Tracking the Tropics Webcast.


2 Responses

  1. what’s the status on this??? will impact brownsville tx?

    • Hi Lizbeth,
      It is about to become Bonnie and will hit near Brownsville Thursday. Expect 2-4″ of rain with winds 40-50mph, probably closer to 40.

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