Hurricane History


I’ve received a lot of questions asking how rare it is to get a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico this late in hurricane season. I researched the past 50 years and found three storms that made it into the Gulf in November. In 1961, Hurricane Inga hung around in the Bay of Campeche before dying out. In 1980, Hurricane Jeanne almost made it to Brownsville, but with the cooler water temperatures the Gulf of Mexico has this time of year, the storm fell apart before hitting Texas. The last time a hurricane hit a Gulf Coast state was in 1985. Hurricane Kate entered as a category 3 storm and weakened to a cat 1 before making land in the Florida Panhandle. Ida is expected to hit close to where Kate hit 24 years ago.


2 Responses

  1. Remember Hurricane Carla in November 1961?

    • Hi Alma,
      I’m not sure what you are remembering but Carla hit in September 1961.

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