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This isn’t a Rainbow
October 7, 2009


Photo by: James Marcum, Galveston

It’s called a circumhorizon arc.  Cirrus clouds are made up of microscopic ice crystals and float 30,000 feet above us. In the summertime when the sun is very high in the sky, around noon, these clouds will reflect and refract light making what some mistake to be a rainbow.  Most times it won’t even be raining. 

Here is a really good web site that explains and shows other types of halos and arcs:

Atmospheric Optics – Archive
October 5, 2009


Photo by: Rande Delaney, Cut N Shoot

An old barn out here in Cut N Shoot. The sky was really wicked between 5ish until dusk, beautiful but wicked, it had swirling clouds and many colors painted the sky.   The lighting was just amazing.

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Samoan Tsunami
October 2, 2009


This is the aftermath of the tsunami caused by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake.  This image shows the village of Fagasa.  The brown color shows where the tsunami came ashore and made its way inland.


This image shows the city of Pago Pago, the capital of American Samoa after the tsunami.  What once was a city park is now brown with mud while debris floats out in the harbor.


This image shows the propagation of the tsunami across the Pacific Ocean.  The epicenter of the quake was near the Samoan Islands and on this map is where the tsunami is the largest (red and orange).  As the tsunami travels across the ocean it slowly dissipates until reaching the ends of the Pacific.  Due to the large scale of this image, it does not represent the wave height at the Samoan Islands which has been recorded as significantly higher than 100 cm.

Galveston Water Spout
October 1, 2009



Photo by: John Beisert, Galveston’s North Jetty

7:30 in the morning he is about 2 miles away from the Water Spout

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