Houston Flooding


As a result of the 1929 and 1935 floods, Harris County Flood Control District was founded in 1937 to prevent continued public calamity caused by great floods and to construct improvements to control flood waters.


April 1929 – Gulf Storm moved over Houston and Harris County lasting 14 hours. Many areas had rainfall of 10 inches or more. All of the Bayous where out of their Banks.


May 24-31,1929 – The worst flood that anyone could remember just a month after the flood in April closed the Houston Central Water Plant. The San Jacinto River rose 30 feet above normal. Heavy rains over the heads of the drainage basins of Buffalo and White Oak Bayous caused the highest flood since 1879. One person was killed. Port of Houston was damaged.



December 1935 – Downtown flooding


According to the Harris County Flood Control District, damage from the 1935 flood totaled nearly $3 million ($41,414,787.72 in today’s dollars) and killed seven people. Twenty-five blocks of downtown Houston were submerged along with 100 residential blocks.


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  1. 15 ft surge and 135 mph winds – I could not imagine!

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