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From Jessie:

will houston get a big hurricane or any at all????


That’s the big question. No one knows the future, but we all have to be prepared. As the image shows, on average southeast Texas gets hit with a hurricane once every 12 years.  The key is to always be prepared.  There is no harm in preparing for the worst and hoping we don’t get hit.  We went through Ike last year, so we know the supplies we need and how to survive a week or longer without power.

The Weather Research Center, located in Houston, is stating that Louisiana and Mississippi are at an elevated risk of getting hit this year.

Joe Bastardi, an Accuweather forecaster, is saying Galveston needs to be on guard with the potential of a storm forming close to shore this hurricane season. 

This image does not include Ike, but does give the forecast tracks going back to 1871.  (Click to enlarge)


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  1. is the drought we are experiencing this year as a result of a La Nina? What will the warmer temperatures mean for the Gulf waters and hurricane season? When will we start seeing normal rainfall again?

    • Hi Erin,
      Lots of good questions Erin, I’ll give a much better response in a later post.

      We are actually entering into an El Nino pattern which would mean fewer tropical storms. With the extremely warm Gulf temperatures we have to play close attention to a storm forming close to land and strengthening quickly. We may not see “normal” rainfall until October with the change of seasons. Of course a tropical system is also a drought buster.
      Thanks for writing,

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