Fourth of July Hurricanes



On the Fourth of July, there has been only one tropical storm or hurricane that has made landfall anywhere between Matagorda Bay and the Texas-Louisiana border since 1871. Way back in 1874, a hurricane made landfall in the Matagorda Bay area. Since then, not a single tropical cyclone has made landfall along the upper Texas coast on Independence Day.

For a complete history of our fourth of July weather click here:

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2 Responses

  1. I texted 1 for the answer to todays 7/3/09 weather quiz what do I do as for calming my winnings or is this just for fun?

    • Hi Leo,
      The way it works is everyone with the correct answer gets put in a pool and one winner is chosen. If you are chose to win the shirt and donuts you will get a reply text stating you are the winner. If you got the answer correct but did not receive a text with instructions how to claim your prize, you did not win.

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